Mary Jane's Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

Mary Jane's Traditional Thanksgiving Meal cookbooklet

is based on a set of instructions and recipes the author's mother wrote out for her before she prepared her first solo Thanksgiving meal at the age of 17. The booklet has 14 pages dedicated to menu, recipes, prep schedule, and shopping list. Use the recipes for ingredient shopping or shop for everything at once with the full shopping list at the end of the book. This small publication can prevent big frustrations and will help take the stress out of preparing this important holiday meal.

Columbia River Press, Cascade Locks, publisher.


*Recipes include: 3 types of pie, rolls, turkey and stuffing, 2 salads, and more.

ISBN 978-1-5323-5309-3

Laser printed, hand-assembled 5.5" x 8.5" nominal, trimmed to 5.13" x 8.13"

14 pages / 24 pages including covers. $4.95

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About the Author:

Katie Cordrey is a dedicated generalist with a passion for knowledge, art, and writing. She's authored nearly 1900 trends for, written and produced publications for small businesses and business organizations, and contributed to The Green Living Journal as well as other periodicals. She lives in the Columbia River Gorge with her husband and a cat that snores, enjoys hiking, and likes rain.

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